International Business

WHAT IS  INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS? International Business (IB) matters are among the top two or three issues on a CEOs’ strategic agenda as they consider the international environment critical to their firm’s future success. IB is about companies engaging in cross-border economic activities such as trade, and it plays a crucial role in the economy as … Continue reading International Business

Business analysis techniques

Home / Blog / Business analysis techniques business analysis techniques Business analysis techniques Business analysis is that the method of looking for the business wants. It includes: •          Describing the business wants. •          Requirements gathering, prioritizing and describing. •          Communicating these needs and also the ways in which to implement these needs to the consumer and technical team. •          … Continue reading Business analysis techniques

Business communication importance

Home / Blog / Business communication importance Business communication importance Business Communication—Definition and Meaning: The word “Communication” has come back from the Latin word “communist”, which implies common. Thus, communication signifies sharing of concepts in common. The wordbook that means of communication is to convey or exchange data and share concepts. It is a method through that 2 or … Continue reading Business communication importance

Best business ideas in bangladsh

Home / Blog / Best business ideas in bangladsh Innovative business ideas Best business ideas in Bangladesh B If you have proper Innovative business idea  then can make your business plan perfectly And top innovative business ideas can fulfill your business dream. Because innovative means what? What is unique and effective business ideas.. And all innovative business idea will … Continue reading Best business ideas in bangladsh

Top business ideas with low investment

Home / Blog / Top business ideas with low investment Top business ideas with low investment Top business Ideas with low investment If you want to do make your career successful as a business then you have to be very knowledgeable and you have to choose your best suitable business well. A successfully business ideas can enlarge your business … Continue reading Top business ideas with low investment